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The ISRG at Nottingham Trent University has worked on a number of projects over the years. This page provides brief summaries and access to the fruits of those labours.

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Route Mate

Route Mate is an Android app developed to help people with learning disabilities to access employment opportunities by helping them to plan and then follow their routes to work. Each route comprises a set of landmarks and associated photos, plus the option to set a weekly alarm.


ViPi aims to support and facilitate the acquisition of basic ICT skills for  people with disabilities. The project aims to provide a “one-stop-shop” interactive portal & learning environment for ICT skills by delivering a  multilingual portal, including a social community, an online learning environment with accessible learning objects, and a full curriculum and framework for basic ICT skills training. (more).

The set of links to the online versions of the developed serious games are (here).


Game On

A European project (GAME ON–229542-CP-1-UK-Grundtvig-G1) to develop basic, personal and work sustainability skills in prisoners, those at risk of offending and ex-offenders, including those with disabilities using Game Based Learning to engage and motivate.

The ISRG Game On web site is


Three of ISRG's games have been adapted and translated into the partner languages (Bulgarian, English, Greek, Italian, Romanian) and an additional software application has been created to allow customisation of question content. Brief decriptions of the games used in the project follow:

DVD Prison Induction Tours

DVD materials have been created to inform new prisoners, including those with hearing impairment, of what to expect when beginning a prison sentence.

Archives of the Prison Tours suitable for burning to DVD or playing with appropriate software (e.g. VLC media player) are available here.

Flash Games

A Collection of flash games addressing basic literacy, numeracy, personal development and work sustainability are available to play online and download here.

These games were all considered as candidates for the Game On project (see above).

I Care

A simulated 3D environment linked to the Common Induction Standards for Social Care, NVQs in Social Care Levels 2 & 3, and the GSSC Codes of practice for employees. It was commissioned by Skills for Care, the Sector Skills Council for the adult social care workforce. It was developed in collaboration with Northern Edge Training & Consulting (

It presents 4 scenarios relevant to adult social care in the community. The player receives guidance and hints throughout, and on finishing a scenario, will receive feedback intended to indicate the player's understanding of the Common Induction Standards. This feedback is intelligently related to decisions in the game and highlights ways in which the player might improve their care-based practice in the future.

Download the I Care installer here.


This suite of interactive computer based learning materials was commissioned by the LSC in response to a request for an innovative approach to the delivery of learning to trainees on the LSC funded Entry to Employment (E2E) programme, many of whom, on joining the programme, can be described as disengaged, disaffected and suffering from the distractions resulting from any of a wide range of personal issues.

Quest addresses 24 learning objects, split into two broad areas, namely Personal Development and Work sustainability, which equate to in excess of 5 hours of learning materials utilising sound, animation and graphics that will assist young people with their personal development and progression into further education/training and employment.

Online (requires the shockwave plugin) and downloadable versions of Quest are available here.


The TRAVERSE software is a 3D travel training package presenting a number of challenges that a pedestrian may encounter in the UK. Current elements are single and dual carriageway roads, zebra, puffin and pelican crossings, parked cars, subways and footbridges. Diverse environments can be assembled using all the above elements, creating specific routes and challenges for the user to experience, explore and master.

The Traverse materials may be downloaded here.

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